BaanBooLOo Village
Just minutes walk from some of the most important cultural attractions in
Chiang Mai centre.
Our linked website
is where
visitors can photos of individual rooms
and make a booking enquiry.
Guests are advised to write to us in
advance with an outline of your ideal
trip and stay so that we might suggest
the most suitable rooms.
We have a knowledgeable team who can also recommend tours, restaurants,
cooking classes etc.
BaanBooLOo Village also offers in-house professional cooking classes
We also very closely with our sister’s cooking school nearby as well as diverse
local schools offering a wide range of regional and local specialities.
Our team includes local professional drivers to ensure highest level of safety
during your stay in Chiang Mai.
This website is just a skeletal overview of our services.
As we are a flexible and creative team, we suggest you contact us directly in you
are organising a birthday, anniversary or some other special occasion. Our
family team will be delighted to assist with appropriate suggestions for your
Our ultimate desire is to preserve the beauty and
serenity of Lanna Thai culture and architecture
BaanBooLOo is a family home with guest rooms.
We are not a hotel in the usual context.
We love to interact with our guests
Our home is perfect for honeymoons, romantic stays,
family reunions and wedding celebrations or some
where for a solo traveller to relax and enjoy in peace
and quiet in the heart of Old Chiang Mai.
Natural living and respect of nature is our priority
We have various ongoing projects to ensure we learn
and implement as much as possible to make our guests enjoy a healthy lifestyle
in harmony with nature.
Learn to live like a Thai
Guests from elsewhere may be surprised at many aspects of a Thai teak home.
We hope you will enjoy learning and sharing a traditional cultural Thai
Natually, we have added modern conveniences for your comfort. There is fast
and reliable WIFI across our expansive location. However, there are no
For here is a place for guests to ‘unplug’ as much as possible
It is not unusual for guests to comment that they and their children enjoy dining
together in our private dining areas or on our long collegiate style table and
mingling with other guests.
This is our traditional way to
share life’s pleasures and
joys with family and friends
and neighbours.
Tel: +66 873 039 009
10 Rated by Guests
Harmony with nature in old Chiang Mai
Welcome to BaanBooLOo Village Thailand’s most traditional collection of teak houses still in occupancy right in the heart of historic old Chiang Mai city, a city of more than 300 Buddhist Temples. BaanBooLOo is just a couple of minutes walk to the most important temple in this city, Wat Pra Singh Temple with its golden pagoda and Buddha relics. This page is to bring you our latest news and showcase some of our favourite photos and videos. There are many more photos, videos and guest reviews on our other pages to help visitors get the most complete perspective of our ‘crazy’ artistic and cat-friendly little green oasis in the city.
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